The Pronutre products are carefully monitored since its development, in order to create healthy nutritional formulas and within the standards required by the authorities, to manufacture, with health security, from the choice of raw materials and its suppliers to production itself, that fits as required for operation, managing risks to food safety and always keeping their trained employees.

The Pronutre quality results in products that are as tasty and practical, besides that can be consumed by the whole family:

1 kg = 27 packs 200 ml portions

Mix the contents of the package with 5 liters of cold water, mix well. Serve.


 Aveia com banana
 Salada de frutas
 Iogurte com morango
 Chocolate/morango com cookies
 Leite caramelado

Packing 1kg = 45 portions 200ml

Add the contents of the package with 1 liter of cold water. Lead to fire stirring, after beginning of the boil then lower the heat and simmer for 20 minutes. Serve.

 Macarrão com charque e mandioquinha
 Macarrão com carne/frango e legumes enriquecida com vitaminas e minerais
 Cremosa de cereais, legumes/carne/frango
 Costela com legumes
 Arroz com carne/frango e legumes
 Napolitana com macarrão
 Carne e ovos
 Feijão com macarrão, carne e legumes
 Batata inglesa com frango e salsa
 Picadinho de carne/frango com legumes

A delicious option for complementary feeding of children with necessary vitamins and minerals and essential for the growth phase.

Packaging 1kg = 20 portions 190g

Add the contents of the package with 2.5 liters of cold water and after boiling, lower the heat and cook for 20 minutes stirring occasionally, stand and serve.

 Côco e milho
 Leite e côco
 Aveia e côco
 Tapioca e côco
 Milho verde
 Tapioca com macaxeira
 Curau de milho
 Farinha láctea
 Chocolate e côco
 Castanha do Pará, canela e queijo
 Aveia com banana
 Tapioca com chocolate
 Arroz doce com côco
 Milho e aveia
 Arroz/aveia instantâneo
 5 cereais sabor castanha do Pará
 Tapioca e côco enriquecido com vitaminas e minerais
 Milho verde e côco enriquecido com vitaminas e minerais

Packaging 1kg = 20 portions 190g

Mix the contents of the package with 2.5 liters of cold water. Lead to fire after the beginning of the boil, lower the heat and cook for 20 minutes stirring, let the product sit for a few minutes. Serve.

 Charque com legumes
 Baião de três (arroz, feijão e charque)
 Maria Isabel (carne)
 Linguiça calabresa
 Pescado com vinagreira
 Costela com legumes
 À grega com peito de frango
 À grega com carne bovina
 Batata e frango
 Peito de frango
 Baião de dois
 Carreteiro de frango/carne
 À grega com soja, cenoura e linhaça
 Doce de soja com côco
 Carne e batata
 Feijão, carne e legumes
 Frango com legumes
 Carne com legumes
 Carne de sol
 Frango com legumes e jambu

Why kids love so much?

All the products of school meals were prepared in compliance with the regional flavor, seeking a direct identification with the consumer.

What about the yield?

Are high performance products and come ready for consumption. Require only the addition of water and fast cooking.

I need any equipment for conservation?

Packaged in polyethylene and aluminum 1kg, and transported in 10kg bales That offer storage practicality within the duration of 12 months.


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